La Torre di Pisa (The Leaning Tower of Pisa)

Ever Since my very first visit, it has been my tradition to visit the charming, quaint city of Pisa even before I start my exploration of the region of Tuscany. It is my way of saying thank you to this region for bringing such a beautiful piece of history into our lives. Immidiately, we are drawn to the mystical leaning tower like sugar to a dark, strong espresso. After passing up on it the last two times, I could not ignore it’s calling anymore. Arriving after a brisk walk through the city, I could feel its presence—haunting me, beckoning me, commanding me to enter its environs and feel its magnificent presence. I bought my all inclusive ticket, and finally climbed its grandiose leaning, curving smooth steps. The frenzy of passion and elation swept all over my senses as I thought of its much rich history, including my wife making her historical trip more than 15 years ago.

My ticket also allowed me visit to the cathedral, baptistery (Battistero), and never before seen by me the (Holy Field) Camposanto. I toured my visit to Camposanto on a historical note as had read about its history in my art text. Numerous frescoes illuminated its shadowy, faded walls exhibiting us the horrors of death from the black plague while the burial tombstones illustrating to us the reality of our mortality. Magnificent views were visible from the tower and Battistero—including this gorgeous picture I snapped while the sun was setting and the moon rising. That only meant one thing—my time at the field was ending, and my last mission awaited me.

I had been dreaming of this visit—to finally see with my own two eyes the mural of Keith Haring, Tuttomundo, outside the Chiesa di Sant’Antonio. I reached there late evening—and it did not disappoint one bit. I stood outside the church and stared at this mural for quiet some time thinking again of my studies during my art history course all the while marveling at its cartoon appearance ingenuity.

My trip to Pisa was amazing and memorable, never to disappoint and never the same. I did more in this one day than I had on my previous Pisa trips, and I would not hesitate to do it again. Pisa is a small yet powerful town where once it grabs a hold of you, it never lets you go. I often think of my newfound adventure there, beaming with joy and laughter of the good times there—waiting and wondering when it will be time again to visit yet again the towering city of Pisa.

This was our adventure trip…let us know of yours.


Mangia bene, Mastica bene.


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